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An Extension of Parenting!

The development of a child's body, mind & spirit best happens in a secure, loving environment. When their foundational development is properly in place, their education occurs much more readily. They cannot be rushed or pressured, or we risk shortchanging the process. Homeschooling brings families closer together, lets learning happen anywhere, anytime, and gives children the freedom to explore individual interests and tailored areas of study. Other benefits include allowing for shared learning experiences among siblings and other home educated children, exploring the world with field trips and learning adventures, and the opportunity to nurture and provide individual attention to your children.

Some families almost seem forced into homeschooling their children after other failed education methods. Whereas I made the decision I wanted to homeschool before my children were born. Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice for us and with the current climate of the world we live in, I really don't see another choice. My siblings and I went to city-bound public schools. At the time my parents knew nothing about homeschooling nor did we have Islamic schools in our area. We had the best education our parents could offer us. My parents would supplement us with summer reading programs, day camps, and Islamic Sunday schools. However, I believe influence can be poison to impressionable young minds. You are the company you keep! Never underestimate the power of having your children in environments that are not conducive to their system of belief. I found that all the cool things my peers were doing, happened to also be things that Islam directly forbade. My saving grace was watching older family members make negative choices and not wanting the same fate. How unfair is it for a child that is put in a war zone and expected to survive with no protection? Many of our schools have become wars zones for our children. My job as a parent is to protect and support my children. Homeschooling allows me to create a safe haven for them until they are ready for their own personal Jihad.

Homeschooling At a Glance

Home Education Works for Us

We have had the pleasure of homeschooling for the past ten years. There have been several highs and lows but hands down it have been the best decision for our family, our children's education and their Deen. We have three beautiful daughters: Sajwa 19, Shanaz 15, Suhailah 6, & One VERY energetic little boy: Silahudeen 8. We are currently homeschooling Shanaz, Silahudeen & Suhailah. Sajwa attends a medical arts & health occupations program at a technical institute. She too was homeschooled until we decided the technical school could better prepare her for her career goals.  Our children are different in every way. We are eagerly trying to foster their unique qualities and abilities. I have found that learning our children is one of the magnificent gifts of homeschooling. Through learning your children you know how to give them what they need to flourish.


Homeschool Station

Everything we need to stay organized and on task!

In our house the golden rule we follow is "A place for everything and everything in it's place!"

I purchased this folding bookcase from Amazon. I collected baskets from around my home

and stumbled across office organizers from Target to match our decor. The top shelf

functions as the command center where we keep our calendar, library cards, and supplies.

Silah and Sue both have a shelf with their current books and lessons. On the bottom shelf I keep completed work, flash cards, extra notebooks and such. 


Observe Your Children

All home educators go through the phase "Am I doing enough?!", sometimes we continue to revisit this phase throughout our homeschool journey. We look around, seeing what others are doing, and start feeling like we aren’t doing enough, planning enough, children are not learning enough. Use your child as your guide. What is his attitude toward his schoolwork? Does he appear frustrated? Bored? How long does it take her to finish her work? Does it seem too difficult, too easy, or does it provide just enough challenge to keep her engaged?

A daily homeschool schedule consists of planning out what you feel is an appropriate amount of schoolwork for your children each day. If they work diligently and finish early, they'll have earned the extra free time. If they dawdle and it takes them all day, they’re choosing to cut into their free time. There may be times when you can tell that it's taking them longer than usual to complete their work not because they are dawdling, but because they need help understanding a difficult concept. There will also be times when you can tell that they are finishing too quickly because the work is too easy. If you’re a new homeschooling parent, it may be difficult to tell the difference. Don’t stress. Spend some time observing your child. You may have a struggling learner who needs to slow down or a gifted learner who needs a greater challenge. What is too much for one student may not be enough for another, so don’t rely on arbitrary guidelines, such as the curriculum publisher’s schedule or a typical course of study. Those are tools, but they should never be your taskmaster. Don’t fret and worry and panic so much about the future and choices you’ll need to make four years down the road – that you forget to live in the moment. In the here and now with your children.

"Teach your children to learn and they will learn how to teach themselves."

Child Lead Learning

This is probably the main reason home education is so different from school. We all learn more effectively, and it’s more fun, if we can learn about the stuff we like. You can also go at the child’s pace, rather than the child having to go at the class’s pace.

Adjust Their Academics

If your child really struggles with certain subjects, if they have “uneven skills”, but excels at others, you can structure their learning accordingly, which helps to boost their confidence. Some children feel shy to express they don't understand something in a traditional school environment, out of fear that they will be teased or labeled.

Support & Socialization

The social aspect of home education is often mentioned but you can join local homeschooling groups where you meet other families who are homeschooling. This helps to network with mothers who have similar morals, values, and beliefs. Parents begin sharing skills and resources to teach children and before you know it a homeschool co-op is born. Home education groups can provide great social interactions and there are also groups on Facebook.

Don’t listen to any negativity around you from either people giving it or the thoughts in your head. Remember why you wanted to homeschool your children and be proud that you are able to follow through with it.

  • Be happy

  • Think positively

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Laugh often

  • Stay strong

  • Value all Allah has given you

  • Be proud of the mother you are

  • Practice Selfcare 

  • Be thankful

  • Believe in yourself

  • Make memories

  • Love unconditionally


"Homeschooling really is beautiful.  It's not just sitting down all day and doing book work. No. Not even close. It's mothers (and fathers)  interacting with their children and instilling morals, reading stories on various topics, praying Salaat, running errands, learning how to count money in the check out line, cooking and baking treats, serving others, discovering together, lots of time spent outdoors, defying stereotypes, removing labels, focusing on child centered education and learning all of the time. "

Home Library

I've found these books to be of great benefit to me and my family.

We try to find and implement at least one new concept from each book we read. We have classics that hold such a special place on our bookshelves. The classics we tend to reread whereas other books serve a limited purpose.
There are some books that restore your faith and optimism or those that challenge you to take action. Nonetheless, books are very special to us. I will use this section of the blog to showcase books that in some way have helped me to grow as a woman & wife, in my parenting and homeschooling journey.
{In no particular order!}

Leonard Sax, MD, PHD

Boys Adrift

This book deals directly with issues concerning unmotivated boys. I was lent this book from a friend and I could not put it down. I finished the book in a day. At the time I was trying to figure my next course of action for my son's education. After returning the book I felt the need to purchase my own copy.

Durenda Wilson

The Unhurried Homeschooler

A simple and sweet perspective of homechooling without force. This book is very short and can be finished in one sitting. It offers practical advice from an experienced homeschooling mother of seven. This book has some biblical reflections.

Norma Tarazi

The Child in Islam

I purchased this book before I even gave birth to my first child. This book helped to shape my view of parenting and develop my personal style of parenting. I have found myself lost in this book with every new baby. I highly recommend this book and it is featured as one of my favorites.

"Whatever your stage of life, remember you’re right where Allah has allowed you to be. He chose you for this task, for these children, for His plan. Trust His plan, for surely Allah is the best of planners"

Sakinah Ishmael

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