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We have had the pleasure of homeschooling for the past ten years. There have been several highs and lows but hands down it has been the best decision for our family, our children's education, and their Deen. We have three beautiful daughters: Sajwa 19, Shanaz 15, Suhailah 6, & One VERY energetic young man: Silahudeen who is 9. We are currently homeschooling Shanaz, Silahudeen & Suhailah. Sajwa is now in her Sophomore year at Rutgers University, double majoring in Biology & Child Development. She too was homeschooled until we decided a medical arts program could better prepare her for her career goals.  Our children are different in every way. We are eagerly trying to foster their unique qualities and abilities. I have found that learning about our children is one of the magnificent gifts of homeschooling. Through learning your children you know how to give them what they need to flourish.

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How We Make It Work

"Homeschooling really is beautiful.  It's not just sitting down all day at the kitchen table and doing book work. No. Not even close. It's mothers and fathers (and in our family grandparents too)  interacting with their children and instilling morals, reading stories on various topics, praying Salaat, running errands, learning how to count money in the check out line, cooking and baking treats, serving others, discovering together, lots of time spent outdoors, defying stereotypes, removing labels, focusing on child-centered education and learning all of the time. "


Homeschool Station

Everything we need to stay organized and on task! In our house, the golden rule we follow is "A place for everything and everything in its place!"

I purchased this folding bookcase from Amazon.

I collected baskets from around my home and stumbled across office organizers from Target to match our decor. The top shelf functions as the command center where we keep our calendar, library cards, and supplies. Silah and Sue both have a shelf with their current books and lessons. On the bottom shelf, I keep completed work, flashcards, extra notebooks, and such. 

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