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I know that life can be stressful and demanding - and I'm here to help. I specialize in providing - organization, work home balance, homeschooling and home management assistance to families.


My Favorite Time of the Year!


Welcome Rest into Autumn!

Fall is a time to restore.

Fall is arguably the most beautiful season. As the leaves change color, from green to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows, I’m wowed by the outdoor scenery. It is not just the absence of the hot summer weather. Ancient wisdom tells us that Fall is the downside of any cycle of energy, when there is more darkness than light, and when natural rhythms slow down. Fall is a time to rest, meditate, connect to what is beyond ourselves, to let the deeper parts of ourselves emerge, and to prepare for a new emergence, a new transition, a new chance for future possibilities. Just like the trees and animals perhaps we need rest and renewal. This is a perfect season to begin to forage not for food for the body but for the soul. 

Rest provides the chance for renewal, an opening for something new to emerge, for a transformation that may shift the entire trajectory of the future. It is the space for what is new, what is possible, for resuming action in a different way, perhaps in a new direction. It is letting your soul have a voice and a choice. Our culture teaches us to initiate, plan, execute, and drive for the outcomes. For most of us, it does not include the moments of completion and letting go. It does not include Rest. It does not include Stopping to see what new is possible. It usually doesn’t even let you rest enough to be refreshed, only to be able to attend enough that your absence will not be noticed. It does not include Renewal. The cycle of learning from our projects and efforts, of seeing what new is possible only comes from practices for renewing – to go full stop before we begin again. We can learn this power if we listen to the lessons of the seasons if we learn the power of Fall. We can have the possibilities of transformation of our possibilities if we have truly rested, stopped, and renewed. 

I could revel in this place forever, but nature has her ways, so I will revel in this place for as long as it stays.
I delight in the delicate, intelligent processes that repeat themselves with such care. I see deeper into the soul of every living and fleeting thing. I walk the earth with lightness in my step, adoration beating in my chest. I am open to beauty wherever I go.



Supports I Offer

Getting Better Each Day

I know that in this busy world, every minute counts. We therefore take a proactive approach, trying to anticipate our family's needs.

Home  Organization

Whether it’s for your home office, homeschool or living areas; I offer a number of practical solutions for organization. A place for everything and everything in its place is a motto to always remember and practice. I can help you with organization choices to cater to your preferred level. I will also share how organizing my spaces have literally changed my life!

Home Management

I am here to provide families an unsurpassed range of lifestyle management solutions. Home Management is designed to enhance your life while managing your time and resources effectively. Curious to find out how you can establish an environment of peace? Follow me on this journey!

Home  Education

Home Education can be your ticket to the best in this life and the afterlife. It allows you the ability to give the perfect combination of supports and lifestyle preparation that only you can give to your children from a place of love. Interested in learning more about homeschooling and its many benefits? Get in touch with us now.


About Us

Tailor-Made Comfort

The Halaal Household was started as a platform for me (Sakinah) to write and share photos and stories about my lifestyle and journey on establishing our home. When Arah and I bought our first home, a fixer, the real fun/work/blog began to unfold. We were filling our weeks working on countless projects and implementing the practices of Islam in our home. We started taking pictures and videos from the start because we knew we wanted to change things immediately. I love the idea of seeing your progress through before and afters. We also knew the funds were limited so most of our home improvement projects would be completed on our own. 
I blog weekly about everything around my  Muslim home management system;  homeschooling, organization, decor/design/diy with an occasional recipe post thrown in. We have now been in our home for six Years! Our lives have changed in so many ways since I started Halaal Household. However, our intentions have not.
So we welcome you and your family into our virtual halaal household.  Feel free to share your comments, ideas, links and questions in the comments section where we can discuss all things together. We strive to help families with managing their day-to-day activities big or small. Want to hear more about our services? Contact me today.


"Whatever your stage of life, remember you’re right where Allah has allowed you to be. He chose you for this task, for these children, for His plan. Trust His plan, for surely Allah is the best of planners "

Sakinah Ishmael



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