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My Lessons



Suhailah is our beautiful baby girl. She is 6 years old going on 60. She truly has a grandmother's soul. She spent a lot of time with my mother and grandmother and sometimes their personalities pour out of her. Suhailah loves art, pretend play, and stories. She is sensitive, empathetic, and kind. Suhailah loves to help around the house. Her favorite chores are cooking and folding laundry.

My Lessons



Silahudeen is the only boy of the bunch and right away we knew we needed to adapt to his energy level. Silahudeen is wise beyond his years and has an immense appetite for learning. Silahudeen enjoys science, math, social studies, and history.  He practices Jiu-Jitsu and loves playing soccer. 

My Lessons



Shanaz is our social butterfly who loves to be engrossed in deep conversation. She is quite the Mother Hen. Shanaz is both energetic and charismatic. She has a special way with children and envisions herself working in early childhood development and education.

Up & At Em!

At 7:15 am the children begin with brushing their teeth and making their beds. On days that I have to go into the office, they must all be dressed and ready by 7:45 am. If I am working from home our schedule has a two-hour delay.  So by 9:45 am, we begin. I allow the children to sleep a little longer and this gives me time to have a relaxing start as well.

Free Play 

It's important to me that the children's minds are bright and focus-ready when they begin their work. Free play in the morning gives them time to use some of their stored energy and have fun before we begin the work portion of our day. For Silah, being a kinesthetic learner means he is moving all the time! Without free play, it's hard for him to sit and be attentive during lessons. 

Morning Starters

Morning starters are simple workbooks that reinforce concepts and vocabulary. I have the children do 3 sheets out of their workbooks per homeschool day. Having grade-level workbooks on hand and come in handy for busywork or traveling. I pick these up from local stores like Five Below, Dollar Tree, and Sams. 


I recommend journaling for everyone in the household. As a counselor and homeschooling mother. Journaling is a great way to cleanse your mind. It helps to establish consistent writing skills and allows you to see your growth. Silah is currently working on a three-year capsule journal. This will allow him to see his maturity and the improvements he has made over time. Suhailah is working on a gratefulness journal. With each daily entry, she must list three things she is thankful for and she must also record her feelings. It's never too early to get your children to journal. If they are not yet writing have them start with a picture journal.

Math & Reading

We spend about 15 mins per day each on guided learning with math & reading. I sit down with Suhailah and Silahudeen individually and focus on whatever lesson is being taught in the text. Each instruction is usually followed by a lesson which they complete independently. We use Math Lessons for Living Education, Journey's Common Core Text & Workbook & Eclectic Readers.

Online Curriculum

Each of the children has a private online curriculum that we pay for. Time4Learning, Acellus & Penn Foster work well for us and are all affordable. We use these online curriculums in conjunction with our core curriculum textbooks.

Bedtime Books

The children and I read together each night before bed. The Eemaan Reading Series is our favorite. They have great morals and I love the representation of Muslim family living.

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