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My Top 3 Tips For decorating on a Budget!

1. Accent walls: You don't have to paint the whole room. One or two walls are plenty. It saves you time and money and it's also easy to change it up if you get bored or don't like the color.

2. Shop Clearance & Out of Season: You will see this advice throughout my blog. This is literally how I shop for everything. I am a bargain shopper true & through. You can save hundreds on decor items and furniture by shopping clearance. Home Goods is notorious for having great clearance items. However, they may be a few scratches & dents. I actually like the look of distressed pieces; I think it adds character. Some items may need minor repairs, but at 60% under retail, you can't beat it.

3. Take Your Time: Don't buy too much, too soon. Purchase larger more expensive items piece by piece. Build your space with paint, throw pillows, accent rugs, books, potted plants & wall art. After few months, your home will have accumulated plenty. Embrace the minimal while you can. Enjoy propping up throw pillows and sitting on the floor together for dinner or board games.

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