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Create your own sensory oasis

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

From the first moment family or guests enter my home I want them to be welcomed into a sanctuary. My doors should open into our tranquil abode with fragrant aromas, beautiful color, peaceful sounds and cozy comforts. Making a space feel cozy is about appealing to all the senses, not just how a room might look. You need to think about scent, touch and sound, so that everything comes together to create a homely ambience conducive to relaxing and unwinding.

In a cozy living space, you want the furniture to feel like it’s almost embracing you and giving you a warm hug – so you can sink into a sofa, curl up and get comfy. I am notorious for throws and pillows that can rearrange according to mood or need. You can also introduce some color in your accessories, layering up the tone to create pops of interest and break up the expanse of material on a sofa or armchair. Choose complementary colors and colors you enjoy. Pops of orange, yellow and teal are presented throughout my home. These colors are playful and peaceful to me. No matter how I change my esthetics I always come back to these colors. In the warmer months I use yellow to highlight my space and bring that bright feeling to my home. In the cooler months I accentuate deep orange tones for a more warm and restful feel.

A large part of creating a sensory oasis is creating space for a quiet, restorative moments away from it all. And often that might mean away from people and the noise and stresses of the outside world. It should to a safe space and give a sense of privacy. Set the mood with some soothing scents that can transport you to a little moment of escapism. Make sure to air the room during the day, then in the evening light a candle or spritz some eco-friendly room spray. Use scents that remind you of a time when you were relaxed. Bring the outdoors in with, woody scents or create a spa-like feel with fragrant lavender and fresh, citrus notes. Scent has a powerful influence on our mood – as soon as I light the candles, it sends a little signal to my brain that it’s time to chill.

For some it might be surrounding themselves with plants and nature, for others it might mean using bright patterns to bring a space to life. For me, candles and books instantly make me feel at home. Think about what connects you to home and surround yourself with the things you love. By giving a deeper meaning to a space and thinking carefully about the objects that we surround ourselves with, we can create an environment that is peaceful and welcoming on multiple levels beyond just aesthetics.

These details not only play a crucial role in my family life and creating a comforting for my children, but a subtle, often unconscious connections with my guest through senses like sight, sound and smell can be the deciding factor in peace you provide to others – both on an emotional and mental level. Environmental components such as fresh scents, soft lighting, and pillows/blankets evoke senses of calm. This can have a positive influence over everyone who enters your home. In essence, never underestimate the power of those little extras and connections in the detail – utilize each component to envelop yourself and those you care about in warmth.

“The true essence of a complete sensory journey is to open the space for healing at a deeper level, and deliver a true peaceful experiences that engages each individual in the intention of self-renewal, well-being and restoring a sense of self, a sense of a deeper re-connection.”

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