Home Organization


Organization makes life easier and more rewarding. By having what we need and keeping it orderly, something amazing starts to happen. We find ourselves with:

  • less cleaning

  • less  confusion

  • less frustration

  • more space

  • more freedom

  • more peace

  • more time

  • more money

  • more enjoyment of the things we have

  • everything has a place

  • the things you need are easy to find

Practical yet Beautiful Spaces.

If you create a space that is practical and functional, the style and decor are much more likely to succeed when you add them into the equation as well. You will feel happier in the space because not only will it look great, but it will work well for you as well. I love furniture pieces that are timeless and sturdy, this way I do not have to replace them for a long while. Furniture can be large and may take up lots of room in a space, therefore, I look for items that have plenty of storage or multiple functions.

In our family room we have a sofa sleeper, perfect for family staying over. I’ve also found that it looks fantastic dressed up with throw pillows that match the season. Look for textiles you can easily wipe down or washable fabrics like cotton and polyester. Washable drapes and pillows can be thrown into the washing machine and hung to dry or placed in a warm dryer. Get rid of the clutter and simplify your space with just the essentials and decorative pieces you absolutely love. In our living room there is no coffee table in the middle of the floor and most of my decorative pieces are up high on the fireplace or on book shelves. Baskets provide the storage I need, but they also look great while doing it! They add texture to my home, and they can be bought in pretty much any size and shape to fit what I need.

How Getting Organized Changed My Life!

Getting organized is a life long process that continues to build over time.  Healthy organization habits help you to live a more stress free life. It allows you to see things clearly and think more freely. When your space is a cluttered mess, nine times out of ten so is your mind. Cleanliness and organization ties right in with our worship and responsibilities as good Muslim. I think back to a very dark time in my life. I had just given birth to my second child. I was also dealing with marriage and financial issues. This started to effect my spirit greatly. The PPD began to set in and I was loosing Imaan.

I sought counsel from an older sister who I trusted. In the middle of my complaints, she stopped me. She asked me about my ability to keep up with household chores. I could not understand why she had asked such a seemingly non important question at the time. I went on to tell her that I did not clean my home in a couple of weeks. She then asked, "If your house is filthy, How can you worship?" "How can you free yourself from this misery, when you don't even have a clear space to offer Salaah?" She went on; "A woman's home is her primary place of worship, and she is given extra reward for her prayers at home!" And on; "Before I can offer you any advice, seek the help from your Lord."  I was silent and shocked. "Sakinah, Sakinah!" she called out; "Hang up the phone and go clean your Masjid!" "Offer Salaah and only after you have done this, do you call me back!" This was the best advice she could have given me. As I cleaned, I cried. As I cried, I cleaned. I made wudu and performed Salaah in my clean home. It felt sooo good! That sense of peace is a high I now search for. 

I now find that I thrive in a clean and organized space.  It takes less time to accomplish daily tasks when everything has a place to go, and I also despise spending time searching through piles when it's time to snag something in a rush.  It's all about creating a lifestyle that is easy to maintain. Having a clean and peaceful place to worship and spend quality time with our family is truly a blessing.

Sakinah Ishmael

"Keeping the large family household running smoothly is everyone’s responsibility. A chore chart is a great tool to utilize to teach basic household responsibilities. Chore charts teach responsibility and help encourage kids to set goals. By linking responsibilities to privileges, we can reward responsible behavior and provide consequences when our children do not follow through. "

One Project At A Time

Home Organization Projects

Any space can be beautiful and well organized. I believe everyone should have a beautiful home, no matter how big or small.

Family Library

The books we need & love

A late night project! Finished reorganizing our family library. This is where we keep the books most important to us. We all have separate areas for our personal books. Shelves don’t always have to be crammed full of stuff. Giving items room to breathe can help make your room feel airy and spacious.

1. It’s best to start with a clean slate, so first things first, pull everything off your shelves and give the shelves and your items a thorough dusting. When wiping down the shelves, work from top to bottom to prevent falling dust from landing on already-cleaned surfaces.

2. Sort through the goods, keeping only the books you’ll definitely reread, truly inspire you, is a valuable resource or hold special significance.

3. Add in books stacked horizontally and leaned vertically, arranging them by topic or by color. For the horizontal stacks, place the largest books at the bottom of the pile. But when it comes to the vertical groupings, keep the heights per bunch fairly similar.

4. Don’t forget to save some space for stylish storage like bowls, trays and canisters. This will also bring in color.

5. Once you’ve placed everything, step back and give it a good once over to make sure everything is balanced—that there are books on every shelf, that the left side isn’t busier than the right, that there aren’t two bright yellow pieces on one shelf and none on the others.

Homeschool Cabinet

Where Shanaz does her school work.

School work at the table was not working for our family anymore. I was sick of the kitchen table being cluttered with books, paper and laptops. We tried doing lessons in the office and used it as a homeschooling room but the room too small and left us feeling caged in. I had to come up with a way to meet everyone's needs. This computer armoire was the solution! It allows us to close the doors and resume with life without looking at a bunch of clutter.

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