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Teach Little Girls


• To never follow the crowd, her uniqueness is what makes her special

• That she is beautiful just the way she was created & designed to be

• To be neat and orderly

• To care for her own room & help her mother with household chores

• That the best companion is a good book

• To care for her person, keeping the best hygiene & a lady like appearance

• To exercise a quiet reserve in the presence of boys and men

• That all cheap/sly talk is unbecoming

• That no one has the right to exploit her or her body

• That modesty is a priceless treasure, and will prove to be a great protector for her

• That her brothers are better escorts than most other young men

• That her mother is her best companion and counselor

• That her thoughts or conversation should be good and worthy of her time

• That she should be helpful & kind

• To choose her friends very wisely/friends she can look up to or grow with

• That there will be time enough to learn the wonders of the world after she has

learned that which would keep her safe in it.

• That the old rule, “A place for everything and everything in its

place,” is a good one

• That she should eat /cook good food & drink plenty of water for her health & beauty.

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