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Loop Scheduling

Planning a loop schedule allows you to stress less about how often a subject gets done in your homeschool. Loop scheduling doesn’t

assign a particular subject to a particular day. Instead, you have a list (loop) of work that you do during a certain time period. When it is time to work, you simply move to the next subject on the list and start there.

Let me show you how this could work. Let’s say you wanted to do history, social studies, Quran memorization, and science with your child on a regular basis. You know on any give day you have about an hour to spend working on these content area subjects.

  • On Monday, you might sit down and do a history assignment that takes 45 minutes. Then you use the remaining 15 minutes to read a chapter in social studies.

  • Tuesday, when you sit down to work, you move next to Quran memorization. You might recite a Surah you are working on and then listen to a reciter for the same Surah. That takes up the entire hour of your time.

  • Wednesday you may have an appointment which requires you to be out of the home.

  • On Thursday, you can move right into a science experiment and lab report which take about 30 minutes and then spend the other 30 reading the next chapter in the history book and listening to the narration.

  • What will you do on Friday? Begin with Social studies, because this subject receives minimal attention this week.

So although we missed Wednesday we looped in Social studies so it still gets done. So now you're not stressed about coursework because you haven’t missed anything. The next day you just pick up where you left off and do the next thing.

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