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Top 7 Reasons Why I Homeschool!

1. I can not supervise the environment of public or private schools. I know how my children are being taught & what they are being taught.

When my children are home I know they are -for the most part- safe.

2. The Islamic school close to home is not feasible at this time for my family.

3. The public school system is an environment unfriendly to religion, especially Islaam. In these environments teachers and administrators actually, work against the parents & teachings of Islaam. Children can pick up hostilities & poor behaviors. Muslim Girls seem to receive the most pressure & discomfort, especially if they wear hijab. Children experiencing this dual message often become confused and rebellious.

4. I want to remove my children from an environment of drugs, violence, alcohol, sexual experimentation, gangs and peer pressure. (For as long as possible) Homeschooling allows me to oversee their education in a healthy, safe, secure, Islamic centered environment.

5. We can set a school schedule more friendly to the demands of our lifestyle. When homeschooling you don't have to worry about conflict arising from a desire to have the children attend Jumu'ah prayer, or making the Salaat during the day, A homeschooling family sets its own schedule. Classes can be held on Saturday and Sunday, over summer breaks & holidays. Our school studies are light during Ramadan and we take time off to celebrate Eid.

6. My children have social interactions with their peers regularly. The benefit of homeschooling is being able to direct them to healthy associations & structured activities.

7. I want my children to be critical thinkers & self-motivated learners. I also get to share in my children's learning

experiences & milestones. Parents don't need to be scholars in order to homeschool. In many cases, parents learn right along with their children. Sometimes even choosing topics they themselves wish to explore. We use a certified online core curriculum & supplement with other learning tools. It takes all the guesswork out of coordinating your children's education plan.

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