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Things I Spend Money On!

Frugality, like productivity, isn't just about being thrifty and saving tons of money, it's about spending wisely on the right things so you have the money for the things that are important to you. The goal is that you're able to easily save for your goals or for emergencies—because you've made smart buying decisions now.

1. Healthy foods

Food is natural medicine and energy for the body. This was a concept I did not learn about until adulthood. I am still trying to remove foods from my family's diet that are not considered healthy. It is an long term investment to purchase healthy foods for your family.

2. Enrichment

Enriching programs and extracurricular activities promote healthy child development through social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth. These experiences also help parents to set aside a structured time to be engaged and interactive with their children. If the enrichment is an individual activity for the child, parents can simply have a conversation with their children about what they learned. Through this, parents have the opportunity to learn more about their children’s skill levels, needs and developments.

3. Education

There may be areas of education your children want to explore that you can not provide for them. There may be a class you may want to take to increase your knowledge or understanding of a subject. It is also the right of the child to be given an Islamic education, that you may not be able to facilitate. Education is incumbent upon everyone! Sometimes you have to pay for it. This is an expense that is worthwhile. However try to find as many free and quality educational resources you can for you and your family before purchasing education. 

4. Organics

Whenever possible I try to buy organic! However it can be very expensive and I have found that everything that says organic is not organic. Do your research on the foods and products worth purchasing organic as well as what the organic laws are in that industry. Some products only need to be 20% organic to be labeled organic. {Which is super dumb and misleading!}

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils are so valuable and can be used in so many ways. Using essential oils for healing purposes, aromatherapy, cleaning & refreshing can improve physical, mental and emotional health. Some core common essential oils to start your collection are lavender, frankincense, lemon, peppermint and tea tree oil.

6. Spices 

I cook therefore I need spices! Please don't be mislead into thinking spices and cheap seasonings are the same! Good quality spices also have healing and aromatherapy properties. Fresh herbs are also worth purchasing when necessary. You can absolutely taste the difference when you start using quality herbs and spices in your cooking.

7. Supplements

I'm all for preventative care! Supplements help to keep you going. They should be taken consistently in order to see optimum results. I am currently taken daily supplements and my children take supplements as well. I will post later a short list of beneficial supplements for men, women and children. If I had to choose one supplement that I never leave off, it would be probiotics! Probiotics hold the key not just for better  digestive issues but for overall health and a stronger immune system. It is also great for treating inflammation in the body. 

8. Gifts

Islam teaches us the many benefits of gift giving. You do not have to spend much to give a gift, just pay it forward. Something as simple as buying a friend a cup of coffee, putting gas in your husbands car or treating your daughter to a new book are all simple gifts. Gift giving increases love and affection among people. The gift does not have to be given on a particular occasion or of a particular standard. Whatever is given to promote harmony between Muslims, seeking with this Allah’s Pleasure, will be a source of happiness on the Day of Judgement. The more we love Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) the more we will love His creation and desire to give people good things, good sentiments and good advice.

9. Coffee & Tea

I happen to love coffee and my husband loves tea. We do purchase both regularly. However, we don't overindulge in lavish brands or styles. Just a nice hot cup of deliciousness. I purchases large boxes and canisters and switch our flavors out periodically. 

10. Date Nights

Never underestimate the value of quality time spent between husband and wife without the children. Sometimes a dinner out is all you need to reconnect. It gives you time to talk and look in each others eyes. When you are spending time to together out of the house you are forced to focus on each other.

11. Gas

Ya Allah! We spend sooo much money on gas. Between work and activities we are on the road often. I fill up on average about 3x per week. MaShaAllah I am thankful for a reliable car and gas money when I need it.

12. Water

Our municipal tap water is horrible! We purchase special water filters for our refrigerated water pitchers and we also purchase bottled spring water regularly. Our family drinks a lot of water and often goes with out soda, juices and drinks. So water is a must have for us. Next to gas I think we purchase water most.

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