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Bedroom Business

The master bedroom is the central point of love, it sets the mood of the home and affects almost everything in the house including family issues and parenting. When bedroom business is in order many other facets of home management fall right in place. Allah has indeed created man and woman to be the natural counterparts of the other. They are natural companions both physically, spiritually and mentally.

The bedroom should be:

1. “A prayer room” The bedroom should be the place where couples pray. A place of worship as well as rest. A place where Quran is read and discussed. A place where the couple makes individual and united prayers. A place where random and also structured prayers are said. Praying before they  are intimate, before sleep and praying when they rise.

2. “A confession booth”

The bedroom should be where secrets are said and kept. The place where you feel safe to tell your partner anything and everything. The place where forgiveness never runs out.

3. “A boardroom”

The bedroom should be the place for strategy. The place where a couple share ideas, reason together about plans for the family, where a common vision is arrived at and direction cast.

4. “A massage parlor”

The bedroom should be where your body can be rubbed and oiled by your spouse to ease the tension. The place of relaxation where the two soothe each other after a tough day.

5. “A romantic suite”

The bedroom should be the place where great intimacy occurs. Where the couple lets loose and unleash their desires and passion. Romance each other in exotic ways behind closed doors. Put on a lingerie just to remove it, in the bedroom for your partner’s eyes only.

6. “A fortress”

The bedroom should be a place of refuge to run to. A place of protection when life overwhelms you. A place of support when you are stressed or feel lost. Where you cover one another like Khadijah covered Rasulallah, may Allah shower his peace & blessing upon him. Your spouse is clothing/covering (libaas) for you and you for them.

7. “A playground”

The bedroom should be a place to unwind, make jokes, laugh, have a pillow fight, tickle each other and reveal your playful side no matter your age.

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