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While few people enjoy housework, most people enjoy living in a clean home. Housekeeping doesn't have to be a chore that takes up your entire day, though. Here three very simple tips to help you save time and energy.


My husband and I are both dedicated, in theory, to the idea of children doing chores and housework. In practice, we often distribute the jobs, only to find, again, that it’s just so much easier to do them ourselves. I am constantly having to reorganize, create cleaning systems & chore list. However with a busy household this may be expected but it never means we completely allow our children to forfeit their chores. It's up the the parents to stay on top of their children's housework performance. If not, slowly but surely things will get out of hand. While I'm working on fall cleaning and purging, I be checking to see how efficiently the girls have been completely their chores. Sometimes its wise to switch chores around to break up the monotony and keep things fair. It will also be important that all the children learn how to do different chores. Teaching children to have integrity in their home and family is essential. Most importantly we know cleanliness is next to righteousness.


Often making the beds seems like a futile effort. At the end of the day we are just going to lay in them and mess them up all over again. But making the bed will make a huge difference visually in the room. It makes the room appear more organized and less cluttered. It's a great first step towards a productive day. Making your bed can serve as a source of inspiration and reassurance. It shows your care and that you are thankful for little things you have been blessed you with. If you are not able to do anything else at least make your bed; plus it only takes a few minutes. I did not always make my bed but it was the simplest concept towards a cleaner more organized environment for me to learn. My children also know they must make their beds before leaving their rooms.


If you are in the bathroom brushing your teeth and you notice the sink is a little dirty. Take a minute and wipe it out. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink either. Stop walking out of place things or clutter on surfaces. Take a few minutes as you go and clean up the little things that need it. These small steps go a long way in making your home stay cleaner for longer. It may feel at first as if you’re spending more time but you’re not, you’ll be more organized, spend less time looking for things you need and wont feel overwhelmed. Instead of one big mess you now have broken things down into easy to manage jobs.

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