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Homeschooling My 7th Grader

Many homeschoolers feel overwhelmed and obligated to adhere to state-mandated textbooks while teaching their children at home. My goal with home education has always been to motivate my children to be life long/self directed learners. We uniquely create Shanaz's curriculum based on her passions, interests, and goals. I'm not an unschooler exactly, however, I do not answer to anyone concerning how I choose to educate my children. It is extremely important to me that my children are advancing in education and progressing for their ages, grades and abilities. However, my standards are far different from that of the public school system. Shanaz is very much a people person and I have found that homeschooling has given her the opportunity to bond with others over shared interests, values, and experiences. She has established many relationships through workshops, summer camps, voluteering, hobbies, clubs, youth groups, and religious circles. The mundane stereotype with socially awkward, sheltered homeschool children, is simply false. Shanaz has a larger social network than most girls her age. Homeschooling allows her many flexibilities. I definitely used to stress about her doing enough work in the past; I eventually realized the beauty of homeschooling was not having to educate or learn according to mainstream standards. With self directed learning you teach your children accountability, responsibility and natural consequences. If Shanaz does not complete her assignments, then she is not awarded certain privileges. This has proven to be an instrumental factor for her. Shanaz knows that in order to get to her many outdoor social activities, her work must be done! This can lead to freedom for the stressed out homeschooling parent; by allowing their children to set their own learning goals and activities as well as parameters for them to reach them.

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