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Learning Styles

A beautiful advancement in home education is the parents ability to adjust their child's curriculum according to their child's learning style. Teachers in public schools as well as those in private schools are not focusing on the diversity of learning styles in the classroom environment. Since each child is likely to have a different learning style, students need a variety of lesson plans and activities to engage and excel in their education...

It was not until college that I learned about the different learning styles. Once I learned my preferred way to absorb information it made it much easier for me to navigate my classes. I wondered then how different my early education would have been if I was taught based off of my learning style. Early education is not always easy to manage, but if parents incorporate a combination of teaching styles it is possible to meet the needs of their children. From the very beginning Home educators have the ability to take their time and explore their children's learning styles and tailor the curriculum to meet their individual needs. Parents can engage their children by providing visuals, audios and offer hands on activities. By incorporating the three most common learning styles in lesson plans, homeschooling can provide an environment that focuses on child centered learning. You will begin to notice what works best for your child and what combinations of learning materials will best suite them. The other learning styles may or may not develop in early education, but are easily managed with group and solitary activities. Homeschooling provides a solid foundation for your child's successful academic career. Children need to explore different ideas and learn the basics of not only numbers, letters and relationships but how to utilize them in a way that is most beneficial. Much of what we learn in elementary is forgotten because it was not taught to us in away for us to absorb the information. We memorized it for a moment and moved on to the next concept. Teachers should provide an engaging environment that incorporates several learning styles to help the entire class understand and retain information. However, they do not have the ability, training or time to accomplish this. Schools are educating based off standardized testing and not the educational needs of the children.

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