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Never Buy Harsh Cleaners Again

If you are an eco-friendly enthusiast r naturalist, you must certainly consider ways to make your cleaning routine greener and safer. Commercial cleaning products often come at a high price and they contain a number of dangerous chemicals that not only pollute the environment, but also threaten your health.

There is an alternative - it comes in the form of products you likely have in your home already. While it may seem absurd to you to clean with any of the following, the truth is that they have already become a favorite option for numerous people. Why spend money on cleaners that may not work, instead of putting your trust in products that are cheap and reliable? If you would rather invest your efforts and time in green cleaning methods, here is what solutions you need to consider. Using all of these solutions in your home is highly recommended, as it saves you time, money and ensures you don’t put your health at risk. Start using them today and you too can benefit from their properties.

I recently saw an experiment by Annie Pryor Ph.D. The experiment was very revealing. It gave me great insight on harsh commercial cleaning products as well as natural products. I am an advocate of essential oils and citrus juices for cleaning. When used in combination with your disinfectant. I no longer recommend using vinegar alone as a cleaner however it works wonders as an active ingrediant in your cleaning and freshing products.

  • Vinegar - you have missed a great deal if you have never used vinegar to clean. It is considered a champion among all of the green cleaning solutions that you can use at home. The power of vinegar mixed in your all-purpose cleaner is undisputed, however you must know to use it. Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water add 1 table spoons of dish detergent and 15 drops of lemon essential oils to your spray bottle and working around your home to freshen and cut grime. Bathroom cleaning is one example where this vinegar cleaner shines. It can completely remove soap scum and hard water deposits from your faucets, counter tops and shower walls.

  • Baking soda - baking soda has great cleaning properties that you should always try to utilize instead of harsh scrubbing cleaners. It is great cutting grease and oil. Thanks to the absorbing power of baking soda, most of your stains will disappear. Its unique quality is great at countering juice/food spills on the carpet. You can use baking soda to make oven cleaning very easy - just mix a paste-like baking soda/water compound and spread it all over the interior. Wait overnight and wipe with a cloth. You will notice that all of the spoils will be dissolved and the oven will shine like new.

  • Lemon and lemon juice - this citrus fruit is not only useful in cooking and making healthy fresh juices, but also in home cleaning. For example, did you know that you can replace chlorine bleach with lemon juice for your laundry? It is not only eco-friendly and cheap, but also very effective. Lemon has great use in deodorizing and sanitizing kitchen counter tops and the trash bin area. You can also use a cup of lemon juice to clean the microwave. Place it inside, turn it on for five minutes and let the steam condensation loosen the grime inside so that you can easily wipe them.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - is simply water with an extra oxygen molecule (H2O2) and breaks down into oxygen and water. It’s certainly kinder on the environment than bleach and has no harsh fumes. Peroxide is safe and gentle on skin and used for good oral hygiene. It is a great replacement for harsh chemicals used around your home to disinfect. Use peroxide to sanitized, sterilize and disinfect all of the germy areas around your home. Great for toilets, tubs, kitchen sinks and counter tops. Spray these areas daily to remove germs and bacteria.

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