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Getting a Good Start With Goal Setting

We usually start new projects with great enthusiasm only to find your motivation waning after just a few weeks? Here’s a simple plan you can use to create a fresh start and stay motivated along the way.

Make a list of goals. I know you may be sick of hearing about writing down your goals but trust me it works! Start by writing a short list of what you want. Don’t worry if your list feels more like a to-do list at the start. Getting those day to day tasks out of your head will help you get to the heart of what you really want — your true goals. It can help when setting goals to think about the various areas of your life such as relationships, health and fitness, home, career, finances, etc. Having goals that represent various areas of your life will also help you create balance in your life.

Figure out what’s blocking you. If you’re struggling to come up with a list of goals, brainstorm what’s standing in your way. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by an already too long to-do list, or maybe the clutter in your home makes it feel impossible to move forward on anything. Once you have a feel for what is standing in your way, get to work with clearing this blockage.

Dedicate time to make progress. Once you have a feel for the fresh start you want to make, think about how you can work your new goals into your weekly schedule. Weekends may be the best place to find dedicated time to work on your goals. Everybody has a different "Golden Time" when it's your time to really shine and get things done. I work best when the house is quiet. So for me my golden time is after my family has gone to bed. Be specific as possible, such as scheduling time on Tuesday and Thursday evenings laundry and Saturday mornings for making progress on decluttering your bedroom. It helps me to keep a planner and write down the things I need to accomplish during my golden times. Be realistic about your schedule and the actual time you have. Create a game plan that prioritizes your most important goals will help you maintain your motivation going forward.

Divide your larger goals. Another way to stay motivated is to start in small portions. For example, you want to organize your whole house; yeah i think we all do. Start with a room at a time. You may have to do areas within that room first. By focusing solely on one small area of your home at a time, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and get a greater sense of accomplishment as you check your smaller goals off your list.

Establish check points. Pull out your calendar and schedule specific blocks of time to check in on your goals. Think of these check-ins as opportunities to take stock of the progress you’ve made. During these check-ins, do a good check. Do you still feel energized and excited about your goals? If not, you may need to adjust your goal and the reality to reach it in a timely manner. Celebrate your success, no matter how big or small throughout the process. This step is one of the best ways to stay motivated as you continue moving forward.

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