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New Year... New Ideas!

Get excited about planning your homeschool year!

Every family has its own concepts on how they want their homeschool to be, based off their unique vision, mission, values, and characteristics. Always consider that each child is different and may require a different environment and learning system to help cultivate their learning. Homeschool preparation is a great time to start some new routines and to revise routines that did not work the previous year. These are a few things that have worked for me and may add great potential to your home education program. Intentions and Prayer Absolutely nothing happens without the permission of Allah. Purify your intentions and remember why you have made the choice to home educate your children. Ask Allah for guidance, strength and success for this upcoming school year. This first, makes all the difference.

Set Goals Goal setting is a key eliminate in any planning process. Set a few short term goals for the year as well as longer goals you want to accomplish throughout the time you intend to homeschool. I highly recommend writing down your goals. You can refer back to them when ever you need to. Share your goals with the entire family. Have the children make up goals of their own and place them in the front of their binders for easy review.

ex. Short Term Goals: Improve daily progress in all subjects, Stick to my daily academic schedule, Have all school work and charts completed on time.

ex. Long Term Goals: What educational goals do you want to accomplish while homeschooling? What concepts do you was to instill before they leave your home? Out With The Old & In With The New This is a vital step, which usually takes us two or three days. Keep only records, charts and special projects from previous years. This step also allows you to look back at your children's achievements, learning systems and supplies. You will be inspired to fill the new school year with better things. Get rid of any programs that did not work for you. Clean & Organize your space completely Empty Binders & Bins Declutter & Clean all Surfaces & Shelving Go Through All Texts/Work Books (Reuse or Donate What You Can) You can also Purge and/or Merge your Computer Files (Create New Files for Current Grade Levels; This will make Everything Easy To Access) Make a List of All Needed Supplies (Stock Up On Notebooks While They are on sale) Have a Family Meeting to Discuss Plans For The New School Year Consider what your children need and want! Each family member should have a turn expressing what new things they would like to implement during the new school year. Their interest should include: academic, religious & recreational activities. You should also discuss lesson plans & schedules during this time. My children enjoy having a different elective for each semester. We allow them to choose three activities they will pursue for the year. Each activity last four months and a chart is kept to monitor

their progress. This breaks up the monotony of sitting at the computer most of the time. Electives should be interesting or fun hands on activities.

ex. Sewing Class, Soccer, Gardening, American Sign Language etc. Scheduling Schedules

When making your daily schedules be sure they meet the individual needs of your children. Younger children learn better in shorter amounts of time. Increase time as their ability to concentrate matures. If you find your child cannot reach your concentration expectation, don’t get too stressed, but you might need to adjust it.

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