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Rest & Recharge

Your body is like a machine that uses food, water and rest to generate energy that you then use to accomplish important tasks in your life and work.

One of the most important requirements for being happy and productive is for you to guard and nurture your energy levels at all times.

The rule is that your productivity begins to decline after about 6 or 7 hours of work. The more tired you get, your work suffers and the more mistakes you make. At a certain point, like a battery that is run down, you can reach “your max” and simply be unable to continue.

The fact is that you have specific times during the day or night when you are at your best. You need to identify these times and discipline yourself to use them on your most important and challenging tasks. "Sparkle Time, when its your time to shine!" Most people are at their best in the mornings, after a good night’s sleep. Some people are better in the afternoons. A few people are most creative and productive in the evenings or late at night. I happen to be a night owl and work best in the evenings when everyone else is sleeping.

A major reason for procrastination is fatigue, or attempting to start on a task when you are tired out. You have no energy or enthusiasm. Whenever you feel overtired and overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, stop yourself and just say, “My body has rights over me.” Sometimes the very best use of your time is to go to bed and sleep for ten hours straight. This can completely recharge you and enable you to get two or three times as much done the following day, and of a far higher quality, than if you had continued working long into the night. For night owls taking a long nap during the day can be just as beneficial. According to many researchers, the average women is not getting enough sleep relative to the amount of work she is doing. Millions of women, those that work at home and those that work out in the world are working in a state of mental fog as the result of working too much and sleeping too little.

One of the smartest things you can do is to turn off the television and put down your phones. Reading is more relaxing and helps to calm your body and mind before sleeping. Take comfort in listening to Quran before bed. Sometimes, one extra hour of sleep can change your entire life. You will feel more focused when you are well rested. Try taking one full day off every week. During this day, you absolutely refuse to: answer your phone, check social media, catch up on things from the office or do anything else that taxes your brain. Instead, you read, exercise, spend time with your family, go for a walk or any activity that allows your brain to completely recharge itself.

Take regular staycations each year, both long weekends and one week breaks to rest and rejuvenate. Taking a stayacation allows you to stay home or close by without spending much money. Plan fun yet relaxing activities with the children. Visit a local museum, work in the garden, play board games, make fun snacks and have a movie night. These staycations are also very rejuvenating for the children. It allows them to free their minds, so when they return to school work and chores they are energized and enthusiastic. For the first day back on their routine schedule, center the lessons on reflections from their staycation. Everyone will be more productive after. Encourage your husband to incorporate your staycations into his schedule as well. He may not be able to do each activity, however, plead with him to do 1 or 2. This family time will be very beneficial for the children.

Going to bed or taking a nap, sleeping in on the weekends, taking one full day off each week and incorporating staycations, will assure that you have far more energy. This added energy will enable you to overcome procrastination and get started on your major tasks faster and with greater resolve than you ever could of if you were tired out.

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