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I Pray My Children Will Listen!

I discovered that my most intense concern as a mother for my children aside from, my concerns for their physical safety, is my concern for their spiritual condition. We fear our children will turn their backs on their faith and all they were taught and needlessly stumble through life. I have seen this time and time again in families. This worry is not only fearful, but it can make us feel so helpless. I've asked several mothers to share with me their secret to maintaining hope for children who seem to have lost their way, even if the situation looks hopeless. Their answer is always the same; their reliance on Allah, not their child, and Allah's ability to turn that child's heart back. Our children will hear our voices in their heads, reminding them of what is right. Children will also hear and firm on Islam and hold fast to the rope of Allah. If the day should ever come that they can no longer hear our voices, May the foundation of faith taught in our households open their hearts and ears to be guided back to Allah. their friends' and peers' voices, and the voice of the Shayateen seeking to lead them astray. We want Allah's voice – to be louder than any other voice. There may come a time when your words will fall on deaf ears. Pray for wisdom so you know when to speak, and what to speak, when to be silent and when to listen. Pray that you will be the kind of parent who will always warmly welcome your child back into your arms and into your home, with forgiveness and love. There may come a time we must surrender our children to Allah through prayer when we don't know how to get through to them. While they are still young be proactive within your households.

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