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Garden Path


Plants are beautiful and they make me feel good. This is the main reasons why I love plants. We don't have the best lighting for home plants but I love to be surrounded by them. So at my office I have 5 beautiful plants to enjoy while I work.


Oxygen. I could bore you with how photosynthesis works, but all of the plants in my office are like a little micro-ecosystem. I give them C02 and they give me oxygen.


Plants give me something to take care of other than myself. Keeping plants alive is a challenge and I’m constantly learning things to do and not to do. I am thankful to have a co-worker who is gifted in caring for plants.


Plants make great meaningful gifts. They are thoughtful and last longer than flowers or edible arrangements. I am a total plant giver for all seasons, holidays, and life events.


Plants are alive. What beautiful creations of Allah. They need food and water to survive and a specific type of climate, just like us!


Plants make my office look like a home. If you removed all of the plants from my office, it would look sterile. Plants are the sign of love and life and I think that’s why I have so damn many.


Every plant is different. They all have different colors and patterns. They are the beautiful accessories of the world.

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